It’s hard to believe that 2014 is almost upon us. As we look back on 2013, we feel so lucky to be the inaugural Geeks in Residence, and for all the experiences and conversations that come with it. We’ve talked with almost 70 people about their entrepreneurial goals, and spent just under 50 hours mentoring […]

As the weather gets colder here in Chicago, it’s harder to leave a warm home or office or coffee shop to get where we want to go. But don’t let the cold stop you from coming to a Geeks in Residence talk! The best thing about these talks is that you can bring your questions […]

Recently, the Geeks in Residence welcomed a guest speaker to one of our Geeks in Residence talks in the Maker Lab. Nate Kontny, creator of Draft, an online tool to help people write better, shared his experience and knowledge. We use Draft for our writing projects, so we were especially excited to have its creator […]

Or, rather, potential National Entrepreneurs’ Day. House Resolution 401 would create National Entrepreneurs’ Day on the third Tuesday of November. As the Geeks in Residence, we’ve talked to countless entrepreneurs, and we’re excited that Congress recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship. The initiatives that the Chicago Public Library have taken to support entrepreneurs have garnered awards […]

The Geeks in Residence talks in the Maker Lab have given us a chance to talk to lots of interesting people with lots of great projects. It’s great to have conversations with others who are starting a business, or thinking of starting a business. We’ll share some of these conversations as we go along. Like […]

In case you haven’t heard, the Chicago Public Library won a 2013 Innovation Award for their Maker Lab. Congratulations! The Social Innovator Award is a prestigious one, and the Maker Lab deserves it. As the Geeks in Residence, we use the Maker Lab regularly, both for our scheduled talks, and also for its many resources. […]

One of the most exciting things about being the Geeks in Residence is that we get to talk with lots of different people, especially during the Geeks in Residence talks and mentoring sessions. So far, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with over 50 people. We’ve discussed topics as far ranging as how to choose […]