Books for Entrepreneurs

For lots of people around Chicago, the weather has been wreaking havoc with plans. We’re no different. We’ve had to postpone our latest Geeks in Residence talk with the wonderful Daliah Saper of Saper Law, which was disappointing, but will be rescheduled. We’re making the best use of our lull in the Geeks in Residence action, however. We’re hunkered down, writing code and building the company. If you’re like us, and you, too, are bundled up with hot cocoa and big thoughts, we want to give you some books to curl up with until you can come to the next GIR session. The CEO of Public Good Software, Jason Kunesh, has put together a “reading list for startups” on his blog. Some of the books are well-known, some less so, but all are great in their own ways for entrepreneurs. No matter what you’re noodling, with sections for lots of different parts of the startup process,  there’s bound to be some good advice for you in the books listed. Take a look, and then, of course, go to your local public library to find the ones that look best for you!

If you have any books you’ve found particularly helpful, please let us know. We’d love to grow our list!


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