Lucky to Be the Geeks!

Two things have happened this week that have made us feel extra fortunate to be partnering with the Chicago Public Library as the inaugural Geeks in Residence. First of all, there was this essay about “innovation districts.” When it says that a city needs “cafes, bike lanes and 3-D printers” to foster innovation, we realize how lucky we are, and how lucky all of Chicago is, to have the Maker Lab. While Chicago doesn’t have an official innovation district, the entire city works to encourage startups and entrepreneurs. The Chicago Public Library’s efforts to foster innovation and entrepreneurship through its programs and services is an incredible boon to the city of Chicago. To have dedicated talks for entrepreneurs, as well as an award-winning innovation lab, is something that we shouldn’t take for granted.

And, speaking of awards, the second thing to make us thankful to be working with the library was the release of a study ranking the Chicago Public Library first among all urban libraries in the U.S., and third in the world! We have known that CPL is a world-class institution, and we’re happy that it’s been made official. Every day as we come to work at our offices in the Harold washington Library Center, we look around and notice new resources available through CPL.  We’re proud to add to those resources.

As we look ahead to our Geeks in Residence talk and mentoring sessions this week, we feel especially lucky to do them in the Maker Lab at the Chicago Public Library. Our special guest geek will be Daliah Saper of Saper Law to talk about the legal considerations to take into account when starting a business. We’re excited to show her the Maker Lab and excited to have her share her expertise. The Chicago Public Library offers so much to our city, and we’re proud to share it with our colleagues and with you.


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