Happy 2014!

The new year has begun, and with it comes the excitement of new possibilities. We’ve already had our first Geeks in Residence mentoring session of 2014, starting off the year with more great conversations, and helping other entrepreneurs as they work on their exciting possibilities. As the Geeks in Residence, we get to talk to entrepreneurs in all stages of their business, in all kinds of businesses, which is what makes it so interesting for us. It’s been fascinating for us to talk to people who are just hatching their idea, all the way through people who have started a business and are refining it. As we have the conversations, it not only gives us the opportunity to learn more about engaging and important new ideas, but also the opportunity to focus our own ideas and strategies more closely.

This week, we talked with the founders of iNTELLISHARE, a company with a suite of products designed to help teachers and parents improve learning outcomes in students. It was great to talk with them, and use some of our experience in starting a business to help them as they move forward with theirs. As we talked through ideas for funding, partnerships, and ways to increase their reach and visibility, we realized all over again what a complex process it is to start a business — not to mention keep it running! We’re honored that we can help people navigate that process, and also honored to have our colleagues come in to share their experiences, as well. By tapping into the expertise of the technologists and entrepreneurs that we know, we can delve deeper into specific topics to help supplement the Geeks in Residence sessions. We’re excited to have conversations with the experts who occasionally “guest star” in our Geeks in Residence sessions, as well as people in various stages of entrepreneurship. Make sure you register for an upcoming program to be a part of the conversation!


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