Geek Guest Star Nate Kontny

Recently, the Geeks in Residence welcomed a guest speaker to one of our Geeks in Residence talks in the Maker Lab. Nate Kontny, creator of Draft, an online tool to help people write better, shared his experience and knowledge. We use Draft for our writing projects, so we were especially excited to have its creator stop by to give a talk.


Nate was able to have some great conversations with people about their startups. One of the most interesting discussions of the day was when Nate was asked his thoughts on getting a job in order to acquire necessary skills before starting a business. Nate was able to share some anecdotes about how he taught himself to be a programmer and entrepreneur. It apparently wasn’t that different from how he got through college — you can read more about it in the blog post where he wrote up his answer.

We feel incredibly lucky to know talented, driven technologists and entrepreneurs like Nate, and lucky to be a part of the Geeks in Residence program. As Nate says, “This is an incredible opportunity for the public. There is now easy access to smart entrepreneurs and technologists to answer any questions they have about starting their own ventures, just by going to the library. I wish I had this 10 years ago.” He also points out that for such an invaluable resource, it is underutilized — so come out to some talks! And take Nate’s advice to bring questions. “Don’t waste this chance to get help by just showing up. Spend some time preparing questions on problems you actually have on starting or running your business and get these Geeks in Residence or their speakers to help you answer them.”

We hope to have more guest speakers of the same caliber as Nate at future Geeks in Residence talks, so even if you’ve been to a talk before, come again to get a new perspective. And if you’ve been putting off coming to a talk, stop procrastinating and come in! We’d love to see you.


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