Congratulations CPL and the Maker Lab!

In case you haven’t heard, the Chicago Public Library won a 2013 Innovation Award for their Maker Lab. Congratulations! The Social Innovator Award is a prestigious one, and the Maker Lab deserves it. As the Geeks in Residence, we use the Maker Lab regularly, both for our scheduled talks, and also for its many resources. The Maker Lab’s technology makes it the ideal place for us to talk to people about Public Good Software and about their own ideas for technology businesses. Plus, we used the 3-D printer to make a PGS logo for our walls, and the vinyl cutter to make the Geeks in Residence and PGS logos for our office doors. They look great, if we do say so ourselves.



We’re thrilled that the Maker Lab has received such a well-deserved award, and proud to be a regular part of the Maker Lab programming. We hope that you’ll all come out to visit us for one of our talks, and see the Maker Lab — and us — in action!


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