Public Good Software’s design principles

Recently, founding team members Jason Kunesh and Aaron Salmon created a list of principles that create the foundation of what we do here at PGS. Take a look and let us know what you think.

These principles guide the development of interactive products and are used to sustain a culture of design at Public Good Software. They are as follows:

  1. Happy

    The goal of our work is to help people find community connections that put them on a path to deep happiness through the meaningful achievement of social good for their community and the world.

  2. Universal

    We design for the broadest audience in the most diverse contexts as is commercially viable. All applications will be mobile-friendly and internationalized, with accessible content and features.

  3. Democratic

    Every Public Good Software employee is responsible for the quality of the experience provided by our software. We will use the principles of Kaizen to ensure continuous improvement of the quality of our work.

  4. Colleaguery

    Yuri Rasovsky observed: “Professionalism begets colleaguery, that spirit of mutual support and collective identity that contributes so potently to creative exchange and the sense of progress.” It’s our responsibility to engender this spirit by setting an amiable, stimulating, creative and professional example. We will be open about our thinking and process, blog and tweet regularly, attend conferences and meetups. We will share what we learn, mentor and reinvest in the next generation of designers.

  5. Public

    We strive to work in the open and will communicate our product roadmap internally and externally, with employees, partners, and the public. We will delay asking you to provide information as much as possible, but the price of participation within our products is to state your identity publicly. You can choose how to publicize or share your activity with others.

  6. Consistent & predictable

    Understand and match customer expectations. Provide consistency to generate a positive user experience. Steadfast adherence to our design language and guiding principles will allow users to foresee the result of new interactions, bringing a sense of control, reliability, trust and safety.

  7. Easy

    Everyone is a person worthy of excellent service. It should be as easy for veteran staffers to work with our products as it is for new supporters to get involved or for people in need to find help.

  8. Measurable

    We will always set clear, measurable goals for any project we undertake, and will use these metrics to evaluate our progress.

  9. Meaningful

    More than individual metrics, our products are the engine that powers our business and fuels our social impact. Any work disconnected from this dual purpose is to be questioned with vigor.


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