Connect with PGS

We’ve moved into our offices, set up shop, and put our noses to the grindstone to make the best software out there to meet the needs of a changing civil society.


In addition to fantastic software, a big part of what we want to do at PGS is build a community. That means we want to have conversations with you. Luckily, the Chicago Public Library feels the same way, and as part of our time as the CPL’s Geeks in Residence, we will give several talks at the library, as well as one on one mentoring sessions. We’re excited to share some of our experience with you, and also to learn more, question more, and explore more through our conversations. If you’re interested in attending a talk, or scheduling a one on one mentoring session with us, check out our event listings. We’ve had three events so far and met lots of great folks, and we look forward to meeting more of you at our upcoming events.


(Photo credit: Mari Huertas/@marihuertas)

In addition, we want to hear from you in lots of other ways, too. To join the conversation, check us out on Twitter as @publicgood, on Facebook, or join our mailing list for updates. Or send us a good old-fashioned email at We look forward to sharing our story with you, and hearing from you as we go along.


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