Public Good Software is the Chicago Public Library’s Geeks In Residence

We believe in the power of shared experience, in communities working together, in the innovation that arises from collaboration. That’s why we’re excited to be the inaugural startup of the Chicago Public Library’s Geeks In Residence program. This program is the first of its kind in the nation, and is part of the Chicago Public Library’s initiative to support 21st century learning through innovation and technology.

We are housed in the Harold Washington Library Center, 400 S. State Street, on the 5th floor in the old Social Sciences Microfiche Room. As the first participants in CPL’s “Geeks in Residence” program, PGS will offer advice on our two biggest areas of expertise–technology and starting a business. We will host informal talks in the Innovation Lab featuring the PGS team, local entrepreneurs, and members of the creative community that powers economic growth in the 21st century economy.

A library is the perfect place for our offices as we begin our endeavor to create the world’s best software to retool civil society. As a public clearinghouse of almost unlimited information available to anyone, libraries represent not only the “hard copy” version of the Internet, but they also encapsulate the belief in shared information and the benefits it creates. We believe in that, too. As civil society and the organizations–like libraries–that serve it reinvent themselves, we look forward to helping them navigate that reinvention. That’s why we’re so honored and excited that CPL has asked us to partner with them on this groundbreaking initiative. We’d love to talk about all this with you. Come to one of our Geeks in Residence talks at the Harold Washington Library Center, or drop by when our office hours go into effect (more on that in a later post!) to join the discussion.


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